You first want to identify the limiting beliefs standing in the way, then clear those beliefs and install new replacement ones in your subconscious mind.

Now, there are a few IMPORTANT points I want to make here regarding beliefs and manifestation.

Firstly, if you're finding it hard to believe in a particular goal, check that your goal is something your heart really desires (and not just a product of your ego, the consensus, what other people want or expect for you, etc.)

Also, ensure your goals are RELATIVELY realistic (i.e. winning the Oscars in 1 year's time if you haven't even had acting lessons yet may be a little far-fetched!).

Setting 'stepping stone' goals along away, with targets that raise your level of expectation, can be helpful.

DO, however... DARE to dream BIG!

Stretch your vision and expand to the vast horizons of the POSSIBLE!

When you open to possibility, more dreams will become probable, and grander potentials manifest in your world.

If other people have achieved what you want to achieve, there's no reason why you can't if that goal is aligned to your heart and you do 'your bit'.

And one thing that will ensure whether you successfully create it or not, is your BELIEF.

It starts with believing in the possibility of your goal, and opening to that possibility through flexing your IMAGINATION.

Be sure to V-I-S-U-A-L-I-Z-E and allow yourself to dream regularly

Allow yourself to indulge in wondrous juicy imaginings of JUST HOW GOOD LIFE CAN GET!!
In doing this you open to goals of your heart... goals that you truly love!
Look also to your gifts, talents, passions and joys, etc.

You see, to manifest something you need to really want it, otherwise the passion and power to magnetize it into your life, and the motivation to take necessary ACTION won't be there.

Doing 'your bit', in addition to believing, visualizing, and so on, involves taking practical steps towards your goals.

Even small steps now can lead to quantum leaps when you use the power of your heart and mind

The universe will start to rearrange itself on your behalf, with synchronicities and serendipities delivering your dreams to YOU!

Baby steps can be precursors of miracles and lead to monumental change!

Desire, Believe, Visualize, Act and... Receive

Be open to receive your dreams so their manifestation can be elegant and in flow. Don't try to control. It doesn't have to be a struggle or effortful. In fact, if it is, it can be an indication of faulty beliefs standing in your way.

And know that you deserve!

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