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Elevation & Initiative

I understand in our society we look as quitting as bad thing a sign of laziness a weakness of nature
Yet, quitting can be an act of integrity and self respect.
Quitting sets boundaries it says, " enough is enough" this isn't working I am done.
Do something that serves your highest good.

It is easy for me to reprogram the computer of my mind. All of life is change, and my mind is ever new.

Advancing forward toward small daily Initiatives focusing on what is natural in my heart that gives me pleasure in continuing with positive action toward my goals that revolve around good nutrition, financial future security and surrounding myself with successful support and wise leadership people. Making these decisions will/have guided me toward the goals I hold dear to my souls elevation. These are non-negotiables.

It seems seems I attract what I need in life and quite honestly, it happens rather easily...sometimes suprisingly. I want to believe it is there for everyone and is more about practicing to proficiency the ability to see and hear what is supportive of where you want to go in life, who will champion your vision and being that to others is reflective. The gift of seeing the gifts and strengths of others enable you to know why they are placed in your journey. WE attract what we reflect. 

Advice keep it on the positive side, look for what to take away that is supportive of where you want to go and throw away the rest....what does not nurture you, support you and gives you energy to move forward on.....never never give up and do not settle for less than the best.


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Uplifted Motivator

Motivational Soul-
Having the ability to lift up others around us. Make us smile help encourage,motivate and teach valuable lessons. Throughout history people have used inspirational stories in hopes that the listener will be inspired to use as a stepping stone to a better life.
The important thing to remember is that when you get that "feeling" of motivation, where you want to do something, do something.
Nothing is more of a waste of time than to be in inspired and not take any action. As a result of taking focused action your life will only change.
An inspirational story is nothing if it doesn't cause you to do something or at least make you believe in yourself a bit more.
Believing in yourself is the most crucial you need to be successful in life. 
Many people have great ideas and even have a plan to get them there but because of there lack of belief in themselves, they often either never ever start or make progress and sabotage themselves.

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